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IROS 2003 Table of Papers, Authors and Sessions
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s) Session
3 Integration of UML in Human Factors Analysis for Safety of a Medical Robot for Tele-echography Jeremie Guiochet, Bertrand Tondu, Claude BARON RPI-5
11 Fibrous Optical Actuator Containing Photochromic Molecules Takayuki Tanaka, Ryujiro Mitsui, Naoto Yamagishi, Takashi Kawamura WPI-5
12 Feed-Forward Control of Link Mechanisms under Various Boundary Conditions by Using a Parallel Solution Scheme Daigoro Isobe, Youichi Chikugo, Daisaku Imaizumi, Shunsuke Sato, Atsushi Yagi RAI-7
13 Non-Learning Artificial Neural Network Approach to Motion Plannig for the Pioneer Robot Dave Erickson TAI-4
22 Biologically motivated visual servoing and grasping for real-world tasks Danica Kragic, Henrik Christensen RPII-4
23 A New Exploration Strategy for Mobile Robots based on a Cost Function Approach Volker Sommer, Andreas R?her WAII-4
24 Kinematics and Stiffness Analyses of a Flexure-Jointed Planar Micromanipulation System for a Decoupled Compliant Motion Gursel ALICI, Gursel ALICI, Bijan SHIRINZADEH RPI-7
25 Car-Like Robot Path Following in Large Unstructured Environment EDUARDO NEBOT, SHAHRAM REZAEI, JOSE GUIVANT WPIII-5
27 Internalized Plans for Communication-Sensitive Robot Team Behaviors Alan Wagner, Ronald Arkin WPIII-6
28 Learning Adaptive Leg Cycles Using Fitness Biasing Gary Parker,  TAI-3
31 Robot vision system with gray-scale image and range image Shinji Murakami, Tsutomu Hasegawa, Yukio Hashiguchi, Toshimitsu Irie, Jun Goto TPII-7
32 A Study on Quality Functions for Grasp Synthesis and Fixture Planning Jijie XU, Guanfeng Liu, Zexiang Li, Xin Wang RPII-4
33 A Unified Adaptive Force Control of Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems (UVMS) yong cui, Junku Yuh TPI-2
34 Hybrid autonomous control for heterogeneous multi-agent system, -Combining of centralized reinforcement learning and distributed rule-based control- Kazuyuki Ito, Akio Gofuku WPIII-6
36 Controlling A Mobile Robot That Searches for and Rearranges Objects With Unknown Locations and Shapes Yusuke Fukazawa, Yusuke Fukazawa, Chomchana Trevai, Jun Ota, Hideo Yuasa WAII-5
37 A Study On Geometric Algorithms for Real-time Grasping Force Optimization Jijie XU, Guanfeng Liu, Zexiang Li, Xin Wang RPII-4
38 Camera Independent Alternative to Teach By Showing Visual Servo Control Warren Dixon TPI-7
39 Adaptive Multi-Robot Behavior via Learning Momentum Brian Lee, Ronald Arkin WPI-6
40 Nonstop Update of Mission Critical Robotic Services Eiichi Horiuchi WAI-5
42 Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Modeling and Control Scheme for Blood Pressure Regulation Yang Gao, Meng Joo Er TPIII-5
44 Analysis on the Fundamental Deformation Effect of Soft Fingertips for Soft-fingered Object Manipulations Byoung-Ho Kim, Shinichi Hirai, Takahiro Inoue RPIII-4
49 O.R.B.I.T.A.L System: Numerical Evolution and First Experimental Results Thierry Capitaine, Thierry Capitaine, Thierry Venet, Mohammed Hamzaoui, Jacky Senlis WAI-6
50 A Signal Separatoin Technique which can be applied to the Ears of Robots Mitsuru Kawamoto, Kazunori Aoshima, Yujiro Inouye TPIII-1
51 AZIMUT, a Leg-Track-Wheel Robot Francois Michaud, Dominic L?ourneau, Martin Arsenault, Yann Bergeron, Richard Cadrin RAI-1
53 A New Lagrangian Relaxation Based Method To Improve Schedule Quality Danqing Yu, Peter Luh, Sada Soorapanth WPII-7
54 A Locally Optimized Scene Reconstruction from Three Uncalibrated Color Images Alfred Sham, Andrew Wong TPIII-7
55 A Modular Structure for Internet Mobile Robots Peter Xiaoping Liu TPIII-2
56 Wide-Baseline Stereo for Mars Rovers Clark Olson, Habib Abi-Rached, Ming Ye, Jonathan Hendrich WAI-1
57 Soft Raising and Lowering of Front Wheels for Inverse Pendulum Control Wheel Chair Robot Yoshihiko Takahashi, Nobutake Ishikawa, Toshihide Hagiwara RPIII-2
60 Simulation results, Post-processing experimentations and Comparisons results for navigation, homing and multiple vehicles operations with a new Positioning method using one transponder Philippe Baccou, bruno jouvencel TPII-2
62 First Contact - an Active Vision Approach to Segmentation Paul Fitzpatrick WPII-3
64 computer and robot assisted tele-neurosurgery wusheng chou RPII-2
65 A statistical approach for the computation of the forward kinematic model of redundantly actuated mechanisms Frederic MARQUET, Francois PIERROT, Olivier COMPANY RPIII-1
66 Real-Time Adaptive Control for Haptic Manipulation with Active Observers Rui Cortesao, Jaeheung Park, Oussama Khatib RAII-5
67 An Improved Fuzzy Logic-based Navigation System for Mobile Robots Mehrdad Moallem, Xiaoyu Yang, Rajni Patel WAII-4
68 Designing a Low-cost, Expressive Educational Robot Illah Nourbakhsh, Thomas Hsiu, Steve Richards, Ajinkya Bhave, Andres Perez-Bergquist WPIII-3
69 The Mobot Museum Robot Installations Illah Nourbakhsh RPIII-3
72 Experimental Study on Energy Efficiency for Quadruped Walking Vehicles Ryo Kurazume, Ahn Byong-won, Kazuhiko Ohta, Tsutomu Hasegawa TPI-3
73 A Low-Cost Programmable Timing Controller for Inspecting Small Components Jae Jeon, Jung Cho WPI-7
78 Passing Manipulation by 1 Degree-of-Freedom Manipulator -Catching Manipulation of Tossed Object without Impact- Tokunori Tabata, Yasumichi Aiyama RAII-4
79 How should Control and Body Dynamics be Coupled? Akio Ishiguro, Kazuhisa Ishimaru, Koji Hayakawa, Toshihiro Kawakatsu WAII-5
82 Space Teleoperation Using Force Reflection of Communication Time Delay Masahiro Nohmi RAII-1
83 Feedback Control of Omni-Directional Vehicles Using Two Wheels Caster Type Odometer Nobuhiro Ushimi, Motoji Yamamoto, Akira Mohri RPII-7
84 Probabilistic Harmonic-function-based Method for Robot Motion Planning Jan Rosell, Pedro I?guez TAII-4
86 Towards an Efficient Optimal Trajectory Planner for Multiple Mobile Robots Jason Thomas, Nick Barnes, Alan Blair WPII-6
87 Trajectory Planning of Cooperative Multiple Mobile Manipulators Seiji  Furuno, Motoji Yamamoto, Akira Mohri TAI-4
88 Cooperative Behavior based on a Subjective Map with Shared Information in a Dynamic Environment Noriaki Mitsunaga, Taku Izumi, Minoru Asada TAII-1
90 Free Form Surface Matching Using Motion Consistency Yonghuai  Liu, Baogang Wei WAII-1
92 Stable Transport of Assemblies Jay Bernheisel, Kevin Lynch RPI-4
93 Coherent Swarming from Local Interaction by Exploiting Molecular Dynamics and Stokesian Dynamics Methods Masahiro Shimizu, Akio Ishiguro, Toshihiro Kawakatsu, Yuichi Masubuchi, Masao Doi WAII-2
94 Inevitable Collision States. A Step Towards Safer Robots Thierry Fraichard, Hajime Asama  TAII-4
95 Using 3D Laser Range Data for SLAM in Outdoor Environments Christian Brenneke, Oliver Wulf, Bernardo Wagner TAI-6
96 A Model-based, Probabilistic Framework for Plan Recognition in Shared Wheelchair Control Eric Demeester, Marnix Nuttin, Dirk Vanhooydonck, Hendrik Van Brussel WAI-5
97 Adaptation of Rescue Robot Behaviour in Unknown Terrain Based on Stochastic and Fuzzy Logic Approaches Ashraf Aboshosha RAII-3
98 Exact Minimum Control Switch Motion Planning for the Snakeboard Kevin Lynch, Stefano Iannitti WAI-3
99 Realtime ZMP Compensation for Biped Walking Robot using Adaptive Inertia Force Control Takayuki Furuta, Tetsuo Tawara, Ken Endo, Yu Okumura, Masaharu Shimizu TAII-3
101 BVP-Exploration: Further improvements Marcelo Trevisan, Edson Prestes e Silva Jr., Marcelo Trevisan, Marco A. P Idiart, Paulo M. Engel RPI-6
102 Visual Gesture Recognition for Human-Machine Interface of Robot Teleoperation Chao Hu, Max Qinghu Meng, Peter Xiaoping Liu, Xiang Wang WAI-7
104 Design of Supervisory Control Scheme for Fault Tolerant Control of Telerobotic System in operational Space Sewoong Kim, William Hamel RAII-1
108 Modeling of Soft Fingertip for Object Manipulation Using Tactile Sensing Takahiro Inoue, Shinichi Hirai RAI-4
109 Aliveness Seungmoon Choi, Hong Tan RAI-5
111 Viewpoint Planning in Map Updating Task for Improving Utility of a Map Kanji Tanaka, Hongbin Zha, Tsutomu Hasegawa TPI-6
113 Realization of Double Salto Backward for a Horizontal Bar Exercise Robot(Experimentally Conformation) Yoshihiro Takita, Yoshihiro Takita, Shigenobu Arai RAII-7
114 Implementation of an Output Feedback Controller in Operational Space Qing Hua Xia, Ser Yong Lim, Marcelo H Ang RAI-7
117 Evolution of Meta-paramters in Reinforcement Learning Algorithm Anders Eriksson, Genci Capi, Kenji Doya TAII-5
121 Laser Interferometry Based Robot Position Error Modelling for Kinematic Calibration Gursel Alici, Bijan Shirinzadeh RPIII-1
123 Vision-Speech System Adapting to the User and Environment for Service Robots Mitsutoshi Yoshizaki, Yoshinori Kuno, Akio Nakamura TPIII-7
124 Tracking Multiple Three-Dimensional Motions by Using Modified Condensation Algorithm and Multiple Images Koji Hamasaki, Taira Nakajima, Takayuki Okatani, Koichiro Deguchi TAI-7
125 A Reinforcement Learning Approach Involving a Shortest Path Finding Algorithm Il Hong Suh, Woo Young Kwon, Sanghoon Lee TAII-5
127 A Sequential Inverse Kinematics of Flexible Robots Joono Cheong, Youngil Youm, Wan Kyun Chung RPI-7
128 A Study on the Environmental Map Building for a Mobile Robot Using Infrared Range-finder Sensors HeonHui Kim, Yun-Su Ha, Gang-Gyoo Jin TPI-6
130 Expressing Bayesian Fusion as a Product of Distributions Cedric Pradalier, Francis Colas WPI-1
131 Coping with occlusions in visual tracking of multiple objects Luigi Villani, Vincenzo Lippiello, Bruno Siciliano WAI-7
132 High-speed Object Tracking in Ordinary Surroundings Based on Temporally Evaluated Optical Flow Ryuzo Okada, Junji Oaki, Daisuke Yamamoto, Nobuhiro Kondoh, Jiro Amemiya TAI-7
133 Controlling Anthropomorphic Kinematics as Multi-Agent Systems Juergen Rossmann, Eckhard Freund, Christian Schlette RPIII-3
134 Automatic Program Production Using Network-connected Robot Cameras Takao Tsuda, Yuri Hayakeyama, Shinichi Yoshimura, Daiichiro Kato TAII-1
135 Advanced applications using mumad, the adhesion based dynamic micro-manipulator St?hane REGNIER, Sinan HALIYO WPI-2
138 Judging Distance by Motion-based Visually Mediated Odometry Igor Katsman, Alfred Bruckstein, Robert Holt, Ehud Rivlin WAI-2
139 An Active Artificial Whisker Array for Texture Discrimination Miriam Fend, Simon Bovet, Hiroshi Yokoi, Rolf Pfeifer WAII-2
141 Anthropomorphism as a pervasive design concept for a robotic assistant Ioannis Iossifidis, Christoph Theis, Claudia Grote, Christian Faubel, Gregor Schoener RPII-5
143 Discovering Imitation Strategies through Categorization of Multi-Dimensional Data  Aude Billard, Yann Epars, Stefan Schaal, Gordon Cheng WPIII-3
144 Computing from words via rough mereology in mobile robot navigation Lech  Polkowski, Adam Szmigielski RPII-6
146 Anticipatory Robot Navigation by Simultaneously Localizing and Building a Cognitive Map Yoichiro Endo, Ronald Arkin TAII-6
148 Asymptotic Regulation of a One-Section Continuum Manipulator Ian Gravagne RAI-7
150 Contact Sensing for Parts Localization Yan-Bin Jia TPI-1
153 The Ego-KinoDynamic Space Javier Minguez TPI-4
155 From Motes to Java Stamps Thomas Henderson, Jong-Chun Park, Nate Smith, Ruchard Wright TPII-1
156 Co-evolution of cooperation in a Pursuit Evasion Game Geoff  Nitschke WPI-6
157 Action Learning of A Mobile Robot Based on Perceiving-Acting Cycle Naoyuki Kubota, Hiroyuki Masuta TPIII-5
158 Rendezvous-Guidance Based Robotic Interception Beno Benhabib, Farhad Agah, Robert G. Fenton, Mehran Mehrandezh RAII-6
159 BSA: A Coverage Algorithm Enrique Gonz?ez, Mauricio Alarc?, Paula Arist?abal, Carlos Parra WAII-4
161 Three-DOF Angular Positioning Control using a Multi-DOF Ultrasonic Motor in the Pre-loaded Condition -Application to the Auditory Tele-Existence Robot TeleHead- Hiroshi Kawano, Tatsuya Hirahara WPII-5
164 Wavelet-Based Autofocusing and Unsupervised Segmentation of Microscopic Images Ge Yang, Bradley Nelson WPII-2
165 Randomized Manipulation Planning Considering the Local Optimization of Contact Mode Sequence Masahito Yashima, Hyungpil Moon, Jonathan Luntz RAII-4
166 Rescuing a stranded satellite in space -experimental study of satellite captures using a space manipulator noriyasu inaba, takeshi nishimaki, Mitsugu Asano, mitsushige oda RPI-1
171 Tele-Operating System for Continuous Operation of Lunar Rover Masahide Kawanishi, Yoji Kuroda, Mitsuaki Matsukuma RAI-1
172 A Robot that Reinforcement-Learns to Identify and Memorize Important Previous Observations Bram Bakker, Viktor Zhumatiy, Gabriel Gruener, Juergen Schmidhuber TAII-5
174 Micromachined Silicon Accelerometers and Gyroscopes Khalil Najafi, Junseok Chae, Haluk Kulah, Guohong He WPIII-1
177 Dynamic Sensing Experiments of Reaction Force Distributions on Soles at Walking of a Humanoid Robot  Genichiro Kinoshita, Tomonori Kimura, Genichiro Kinoshita, Makoto Shimojyo WAI-3
179 Co-evolution of Morphology and Walking Pattern of Biped Humanoid Robot using Evolutionary Compuation -Evolutionary Designing Method and its Evaluation- Ken Endo, Takashi Maeno, Hiroaki Kitano TAII-3
182 Studying Multi-operational Production Systems with Modular Hybrid Petri Nets George Tsinarakis, Kimon Valavanis, Nikos Tsourveloudis RAII-7
184 A New 5-Degree-of-Freedom Redundant Parallel Mechanism with High Tilting Capabilities S?astien Krut, Olivier Company, Fran?is Pierrot RPIII-1
185 Dynamic Performance of the Position-based Visual Servoing Method in the Cartesian and Image Spaces William J. Wilson, Lingfeng Deng, Farrokh Janabi-Sharifi TAII-7
188 Expert massage Motion Control by Multi-fingered Robot Hand Panya Minyong, Takanori Miyoshi, Kazuhiko Terashima, Hideo Kitagawa RAII-7
189 Enhancing Appearance-based Robot Localization Using Non-Dense Disparity Maps Jose M  Porta, Jakob J. Verbeek, Ben Krose TPII-6
192 Whole Body Teleoperation of a Humanoid Robot Integrating Operator's Intention and Robot's Autonomy - An Experimental Verification - Ee Sian Neo, Kazuhito Yokoi, Shuuji Kajita, Kazuo Tanie WAII-3
193 Absolute Position Measurement System for Mobile Robot based on Incident Angle Detection of Infrared Light Yoshikazu  Arai, Masayasu Sekiai TPII-6
195 An Exoskeleton for Human Elbow and Forearm Motion Assist Kazuo Kiguchi, Ryo Esaki, Takashi Tsuruta, Keigo Watanabe, Toshio Fukuda RPIII-2
196 Where and When to Look Bart Nabbe, Martial Hebert TPII-4
201 Approaches for Heuristically Biasing RRT Growth Chris Urmson, Reid Simmons TPIII-4
203 An Experimental Comparison of Localisation Methods, the MHL Sessions Steen Kristensen, Patric Jensfelt TPII-6
207 Joystick Based Motion Control of Modular Reconfigurable Manipulators Weihai Chen, Guilin Yang, Edwin Ho, I-Ming Chen WAII-2
208 Keyframe Extraction and Decompression for Time Series Data based on Continuous Hidden Markov Models Tetsunari Inamura, Hiroaki Tanie, Yoshihiko Nakamura WAI-5
210 Programming Complex Robot Tasks by Prediction Kevin Dixon, Kevin Dixon, Pradeep Khosla RPI-4
211 Line-of-Sight Task-Space Sensing for the Localization of Autonomous Mobile Devices Beno Benhabib, Goldie Nejat, Imtehaze Heerah TPII-6
213 Representing Dynamic Environments for Autonomous Ground Vehicle Navigation Craig Schlenoff, Raj Madhavan, Steve Balakirsky TPI-4
215 A Nonlinear H-infinity Controller for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles michael west, Junku Yuh, Vassilis Syrmos N/A
218 Using multiple probabilistic hypothesis for programming one and two hand Raoul Daniel Z?lner, R?iger Dillmann RAII-4
219 Interactive Robot Theatre Cynthia Breazeal, Andrew Brooks, Jesse Gray, Dan Stiehl, John McBean RPIII-3
220 ShareCam Part I Dezhen Song, Ken Goldberg TPIII-2
222 ShareCam Part II Dezhen Song, Anatoly Pashkevich, Ken Goldberg, BoonHeon Song, Yu Sun TPIII-2
223 Fuzzy Anti-Swing Control of A Behavior-Based Intelligent Crane System Hao Li, Jiaming Wang, Fakhri Karray, Otman Basir TPIII-5
224 Basic Performance Experiments for Jumping Quadruped Fumitaka  Kikuchi, Yusuke Ota, Shigeo HIROSE RPII-3
226 Mapping and Exploration with Mobile Robots using Coverage Maps Wolfram Burgard, Cyrill Stachniss TAII-6
227 GPS/INS Enhancement Using Neural Networks for Autonomous Ground Vehicle Applications Burak Kaygisiz, Aydan Erkmen, Ismet Erkmen RPIII-6
228 Grasp Control Using Compliance Control with Variable Stiffness Matrix Nobutaka Tsujiuchi, Hirofumi Ueyama, Takayuki Koizumi, Masahiro Iwasaki RPI-7
229 A Multi-Model Based Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Internal Sensor for Mobile Robot Masafumi Hashimoto, Hiroyuki Kawashima, Fuminori Oba RPIII-6
230 Identification of Contact Conditions from Position and Velocity Information Takayoshi YAMADA, Tetsuya MOURI, Ayako IWAI, Nobuharu MIMURA, Yasuyuki FUNAHASHI TPI-1
235 Evolving Neural Networks for Hexapod Leg Controllers Gary Parker, Zhiyi Li WAI-2
236 Coupling Perception and Simulation Kai-yuh Hsiao, Nikolaos Mavridis, Deb Roy TPII-5
240 Sorting Objects by Multiple Robots using Voronoi Separation and Fuzzy Control Thavida Maneewarn, Panrasee Rittipravat WPI-6
241 A View-Based Outdoor Navigation Using Object Recognition Robust to Changes of Weather and Seasons Jun Miura, Hiroaki Katsura, Michael Hild, Yoshiaki Shirai RAII-6
242 Delay Dependent Stability Limits in High Performance Real-time Visual Servoing Systems Ron Lumia, Jing Zhang, John Wood, Greg Starr TAII-7
244 ZMP Analysis for Arm/Leg Coordination Kensuke Harada, Shuuji Kajita, Kenji Kaneko, Hirohisa Hirukawa TAI-3
245 New Predictive Display Method of Motion and Force Information for Network Teleoperation Without Using Virtual Environment Model Tomotaka Itoh, Koji Yudate, Shinsuke Ito, Takashi Matsui RAII-1
253 Motion Intelligence to Adapt for Changing of Its Body Conditions of Mobile Manipulator to Utilize Dynamical Interferences  Mitsunori Kobata, Mamoru Minami WPII-4
254 Model Reduction for Fork/join System with Rotable Inventory Guoyu Tu, Qianchuan Zhao, Peter B Luh, Jihua Wang WPII-7
256 Ellipsoidal estimation of parallel robot dynamic parameters Philippe Poignet, Nacim Ramdani, Oscar Andres Vivas RPII-1
257 Evaluation of Dynamical Model of Mobile Robot Including Slipping of Carrying Objects Motoya Takeuchi, Mamoru Minami, Takeshi Ikeda RPIII-7
259 Proscriptive Bayesian Programming Application for Collision Avoidance Carla Koike, Cedric Pradalier, Pierre Bessiere, Emmanuel Mazer TAII-4
260 Automatic Determination of Finger Control Modes for Graspless Manipulation Yusuke MAEDA, Tamio ARAI RAI-4
261 Searching 3-D Form-Closure Grasps in Discrete Domain Yun-Hui Liu, Miu-Ling Lam RPIII-4
266 Self-Organizing Behavior of a Multi-robot System by a Neural Network Approach Simon Yang, Anmin Zhu, Simon X. Yang TPIII-5
267 Omnivision-based Probabilistic Self-localization for a Mobile Shopping Assistant Continued Horst-Michael Gross, Horst-Michael Gross, Alexander Koenig, Christof Schroeter, Hans-Joachim Boehme WAI-6
269 Algorithmic singularities avoidance in task-priority based controller for redundant manipulators Giacomo Marani, Jinhyun Kim, Junku Yuh, Wan Kyun Chung RPIII-1
272 Regrasp Planning for a 5-Fingered Hand Manipulating a Polyhedron Attawith Sudsang, Attawith Sudsang, Thanathorn Phoka RPIII-4
273 A Nonlinear Adaptive Robust Control Design for Robotic Systems Under Time-varying Parameter Perturbation and External Disturbance Yingjie Yin, Kazuya Ogata, Yoshikazu Hayakawa, Shigeyuki Hosoe RAI-7
274 Singularity and Manipulability Analysis of a Planar Manipulator Mounted on a Wheeled Mobile Platform Sungbok Kim WPII-4
275 A Virtual Wiper - Restoration of Deteriorated Images by Using Multiple Cameras - Atsushi Yamashita, Masayuki Kuramoto, Toru Kaneko, Kenjiro T. Miura RPI-3
277 Image-Based Reconstruction for View-Independent Human Motion Recognition Nikos Papanikolopoulos, Robert Bodor, Bennett Jackson, Osama Masoud WAI-7
278 The Stability of Covariance Inflation Methods for SLAM Simon Julier RAI-6
279 Motion Control for Robust Landing of Acrobat Robot (SMB) Masaki  YAMAKITA, Masaki YAMAKITA, Masashi KISHIKAWA, Teruyoshi SADAHIRO TPIII-3
281 Robot Implementation of Duty-Cycle Invariance in Cricket Calling Song Henrik Hautop Lund, David Brandt TAI-3
283 Supervisory Control of Pouring Process by Tilting-Type Automatic Pouring Robot Motoki Kaneko, Yu Sugimoto, Ken'ichi Yano, Kazuhiko Terashima RAII-7
284 Person Identification and Interaction of Social Robots by Using Wireless Tags Takayuki Kanda, Takayuki Hirano, Daniel Eaton, Hiroshi Ishiguro WAII-3
286 Semi-Autonomous Outdoor Mobility Support System for Elderly and Disabled People Kentaro Kayama, Kentaro Kayama, Ikuko Eguchi Yairi, Seiji Igi RAI-3
287 Introduction of the Need Model for Humanoid Robots to Generate Active Behavior Hiroyasu Miwa, Kazuko Itoh, Daisuke Ito, Hideaki Takanobu, Atsuo Takanishi WAI-3
290 3D collision avoidance for digital actors locomotion Julien PETTRE, Jean-Paul LAUMOND, Thierry SIMEON, , Thierry SIMEON TAII-4
291 Relative positioning of mobile robots using ultrasounds Francois Michaud, Jonathan Bisson, Dominic Letourneau WAII-6
292 Intelligent Assist Devices in Industrial Applications Michael Peshkin, J. Edward Colgate, Michael Peshkin, Stephen H. Klostermeyer WPIII-7
293 On 2D 4-finger frictionless optimal grasps Raul Suarez, Jordi Cornella RPIII-4
294 Development of a Piezoelectric Polymer-based Sensorized Microgripper for Microassembly and Micromanipulation Byungkyu Kim, Deok-Ho Kim, Sang-Min Kim, Hyunjae Kang WPI-2
295 Achieving Sharp Deliveries in Supply Chains through Variance Pool Allocation Dinesh  Garg, Y. Narahari, Nukala Viswanadham WPII-7
298 A Visual Servoing Control Law that is Robust to Image Outliers Andrew Comport, Muriel Pressigout, Eric Marchand, Francois Chaumette TAII-7
299 Mobile robots at your fingertip Dong-Soo Kwon, Jung-Hoon Hwang, Ronald Arkin WAI-3
301 Self-Localization in Dynamic Environments based on Laser and Vision Data Thilo Weigel, Erik Schulenburg, Alexander Kleiner TPII-6
302 Dance Partner Robot -Ms DanceR- Tomohiro Hayashi, Kazuhiro Kosuge, Yasuhisa Hirata, Ryosuke Tobiyama RPII-5
303 LER Peter Berkelman, Eric Boidard, Philippe Cinquin, Jocelyne Troccaz RAII-2
304 Enhancing a robot-centric virtual reality system towards the simulation of fire Juergen Rossmann, Eckhard Freund, Arno Buecken RPIII-5
305 Preferential Direction Control for Visual Servoing based on Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinate Systems Masami Iwatsuki, Norimitsu Okiyama TPI-7
307 Simultaneous Localization and Odometry Calibration for Mobile Robot Agostino Martinelli, Agostino Martinelli, Nicola Tomatis, Adriana Tapus, Roland Siegwart WAI-6
309 Evaluation on Effect of Errors on Haptic Information in Wireless Communication System Takeshi Marugame, Atsushi Kamikura, Makoto Ohnishi, Masao Nakagawa RAII-5
311 Control of Multi-Fingered Haptic Interface Opposite to Human Hand Haruhisa Kawasaki, Jun Takai, Yuji Tanaka, Charfeddine Mrad, Tetsuya Mouri RAI-5
312 Robust Object Detection for Intelligent Surveillance Systems based on Radial Reach Correlation (RRC) Yutaka Satoh, Caihua Wang, Yoshinori Niwa, Hideki Tanahashi, Kazuhiko Yamamoto TAI-7
313 Information-based Intelligent Unmanned Ground Vehicle Navigation Raj Madhavan, Elena Messina RPII-6
314 A catalog of inverse-kinematics planners for underactuated systems on Jorge Cortes, Sonia Martinez, Francesco Bullo TPI-4
317 The Normal Distributions Transform: A New Approach to Laser Scan Matching Peter Biber, Wolfgang Strasser RAI-6
321 A Method for Transporting a Team of Miniature Robots Nikos Papanikolopoulos, Esra Kadioglu, Nikos Papanikolopoulos WPII-6
322 On the Heuristics of ^{*} in ITS and Robot Path-Planning Takayuki Goto, Takeshi Kosaka, Hiroshi Noborio TPIII-4
323 Anisotropies of Touch in Haptic Icon Exploration Greg Lee, Blake Hannaford RAI-5
324 A Comparison of Eigendecomposition for Sets of Correlated Images at Different Resolutions Kishor Saitwal, Anthony Maciejewski, Rodney Roberts TPII-7
325 Adaptive Division of Labor in Large-Scale Multi-Robot Systems Chris Jones, Maja Mataric WPI-4
326 Coevolution of Physical Configuration and Control Strategy on Self- Isao Takagawa, Kosuke Sekiyama, Toshio Fukuda RAII-2
329 Brain-Based Devices Jeffrey Krichmar, Gerald Edelman TPII-5
331 Input Selection for Learning Human Control Strategy Yongsheng Ou, Yangsheng Xu TPI-5
333 Dynamic Modeling and Control for Whole Body Manipulation Fumihiko Asano, Luo Zhi-Wei, Masaki Yamakita, Eiji Arai, Shinichi Hirai RPI-4
334 Trajectory formation of arm movement by a single particle approximation strategy inspired from biological reaching movement Hideki Toda, Yoshiyuki Sankai WAI-3
336 Three-dimensional Localization and Mapping for Mobile Robot in Disaster Environments  Keiji Nagatani, Hiroshi Ishida, Satoshi Yamanaka, Yutaka Tanaka RPI-3
337 Design of a Mobile Robot System for Automatic Integrity Evaluation of Sangdeok Park, Hee-Don Jeong, Kitae Shin, Zhong Soo Lim RAI-3
340 Knotting/Raveling Manipulation of Linear Objects Hidefumi Wakamatsu, Akira Tsumaya, Keiichi Shirase RPI-4
344 Neural Network Position Tracking Control of An Inverted Pendulum by an X-Y Table Robot Seul Jung, Hyun Taek Cho TPIII-5
346 Development of a Serial-link Structural Robot Supported by Wire Cable Drive Actuators Hitoshi Kino, Takahumi Setoguchi TPII-3
347 Evaluation of Robotic Fingers Based on Kinematic Analysis Chang-Soon Hwang, Ken Sasaki RPII-1
349 Control Program of Dexterous Manipulation with a Multi-fingered Robotic Hand Chang-Soon Hwang, Ken Sasaki RAII-4
352 M-TRAN II Haruhisa Kurokawa, Akiya Kamimura, Eiichi Yoshida, Kohji Tomita, Satoshi Murata, Shigeru Kokaji WPIII-5
353 Learning to Detect Partially Labeled People Yaron Rachlin, John Dolan, Pradeep Khosla WAI-7
355 Design and Implementation of Reconfigurable Middleware for Sensorized Environments Toshio Hori, Yoshifumi Nishida, Nobuyuki Yamasaki, Hiroshi Aizawa WPI-1
359 Vision Based Reinforcement Learning for Humanoid Behavior Generation with Rhythmic Walking Parameters Masaki Ogino, Yutaka Katoh, Minoru Asada, Koh Hosoda WAII-3
360 Experimental validation of a simple architecture for force/torque and vision control in a 6-dof industrial robot Basilio Bona, Cosimo Greco, Tommaso Calvelli RAII-7
362 Hopping Motion Analysis of Superball-like Spherical Robot Based on Feedback Control toshiro yamanaka, shigeki nakaura, mitsuji sampei RPIII-7
364 The basic Ideas of a proven Dynamic Collision Avoidance Approach for Multi-Robot Manipulator Systems Juergen Rossmann, Eckhard Freund TPIII-4
365 Adaptive patrol for a group of robots francois Sempe, Alexis Drogoul RAII-3
369 Tool Development for Force-feedback Micro Manipulation System Yoshio Yamamoto, Ryo Konishi, Yohji Negishi, Masumi Arakawa WPII-5
372 Uncalibrated Active Affine Reconstruction closing the loop by Visual Servoing Ezio Malis, Patrick Rives TAII-7
375 Formation control for multiple mobile robots: A non-linear attractor dynamics approach Estela Bicho, Sergio Monteiro WPI-6
376 A Tele-operated Humanoid Robot Drives a Backhoe in the Open Air Kazuhito Yokoi, Katsumi Nakashima, Masami Kobayashi, Yoshitaka Yanagihara TPIII-3
385 Visual perception based on salient features Eric Marchand, Nicolas Courty TPII-7
386 Propagation of Distance and Orientation Intervals Reinhard Moratz, Jan Oliver Wallgruen RPI-6
387 Human centered system for computer aided replication of sculptures Andre CROSNIER, Andre CROSNIER, Sebastien DRUON, Philippe BELLANGER RPIII-5
388 Control and Online Computation of Stable Movement for Biped Robots Konstantin Kondak, Guenter Hommel TPII-3
389 Development of Mobile Inspection Robot for Rescue Activities Koichi Osuka, Hiroshi Kitajima RPII-3
391 Target Tracking with Distributed Sensors Volkan Isler, John Spletzer, Sanjeev Khanna, Camillo Taylor TPII-1
396 Cartesian Impedance Control for Dexterous Manipulation Luigi Biagiotti, Hong Liu, Gerd Hirzinger, Claudio Melchiorri RPI-7
397 Biomimetic Propulsion Mechanism Design for a Swimming Surgical Micro-Robot Metin Sitti, Jon Edd, Sebastien Payen, Marshall L. Stoller, Boris Rubinsky RAI-2
399 The MATS robotics system to assist disabled people in their home Antonio Gimenez, Carlos Balaguer, Angelo Sabatini, Vincenzo Genovese RAI-3
400 A new method of pipeline detection in sonar imagery using Self-Organizing Maps Amornrit Puttipipatkajorn, Bruno Jouvencel, Tomas Salgado-Jimenez TPI-1
401 An LMI based optimal design of parallel manipulators Yunjiang LOU, Guanfeng LIU, Zexiang LI WPII-1
402 Information Theoretic Construction of Probabilistic Roadmaps Brendan Burns, Oliver Brock TPI-4
404 Visual Control of a Robotic Hand Ignazio Infantino, Antonio Chella, Haris Dzindo, Irene Macalusi TPIII-7
406 Design of an Orthotic Device for Full or Partial Gravity-Balancing of a Human Upper Arm During Motion Sunil Agrawal, Abbas Fattah RAII-2
407 How intelligent behavior can emerge from a group of roboticles moving around Antonio D'Angelo, Jun Ota, Enrico Pagello WAII-5
409 3D guaranteed Visual Sensing Based on Interval Analysis Benoit Telle, Marie-Jos? Aldon, Ramdani Nacim WAII-1
410 Predictive Control of Robot Velocity to Avoid Obstacles in a Dynamic Environment Amalia Foka, Panos Trahanias TAII-4
412 Technology Development of Integrated Multi-modal and Flexible Tactile Skin for Robotics Applications Jonathan  Engel, Jack Chen, Xuefeng Wang, Zhifang Fan, Chang Liu, Douglas Jones WPIII-1
415 Homography from Vanishing point in Urban Scenes Nicolas Simond, Patrick Rives TPII-7
420 Multimodal Interaction Management for Tour-Guide Robots Using Bayesian Networks Plamen Prodanov, Andrzej Drygajlo  RPII-5
421 Vivid Room Yasushi Nakauchi, Katsunori Noguchi, Pongsak Somwong, Takashi Matsubara, Akira Namatame TPII-1
422 A Deformable Model-Based Visual System for Mobile Robot Topologic Navigation Mario Mata, Jose Maria Armingol, Arturo de la Escalera RPII-6
423 Distributed Multi-Agent Diagnosis and Recovery from Sensor Matt Long, Robin Murphy, Lynne Parker WPIII-6
425 Guiding and Communication Assistant for Disabled in Intelligent Urban Environmnet Peter Szemes, Peter Szemes, Lee Joo-Ho, Hideki Hashimoto, Peter Korondi RAII-2
426 Towards Modular Integrated Sensors: The Development of Artificial Haircell Sensors Using Efficient Fabrication Methods Jack  Chen, Zhifang Fan, Jonathan Engel, Chang Liu WPIII-1
427 Neural Network Elastic Object Modeling for Vision-Based Force Measurement Michael Greminger, Bradley Nelson TPIII-7
428 Feasibility Analysis of 2D Grasps Yisheng Guan, Hong Zhang RPII-4
430 Formation Control with Configuration Space Constraints Guilherme Pereira, Aveek Das, Vijay Kumar, Mario Campos RAI-7
431 Workspace of 2D Multifingered Manipulation Hong Zhang, Yisheng Guan RPIII-4
434 Development of a High-speed Multifingered Hand System and Its Application to Catching Akio Namiki, Yoshiro Imai, Masatoshi Ishikawa, Makoto Kaneko RAI-4
435 Design and Workspace Analysis of a 6-6 Cable-Suspended Parallel Robot Sunil Agrawal, Jason Pusey, Abbas Fattah, Elena Messina, Adam Jacoff WPII-1
437 A Force Reflective Master-Slave System for Minimally Invasive Surgery Mehrdad Moallem, Mahdi Tavakoli, Rajni Patel RPI-2
438 Infrared  Positioning and Communication unit for a Nanorobotics Platform Operating in a Cold Helium Atmosphere Sylvain Martel, Guido Baumann WPI-2
439 Inertial Navigation and Visual Line Following for a Dynamical Hexapod Robot Sarjoun Skaff, George Kantor, David Maiwand, Alfred Rizzi WAII-7
440 Macroscopic Analysis of Adaptive Task Allocation in Robots Kristina Lerman, Aram Galstyan WPI-4
441 Decentralized Occupancy Grid Maps Alexei Makarenko, Stefan Williams, Hugh Durrant-Whyte RPI-6
442 Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers for Robotic Sensing Applications Pierre Khuri-Yakub, Goksenin Yaralioglu, A. Sanli Ergun, Yongli Huang WPIII-1
443 Visual Curb Localization for Autonomous Navigation Roberto Manduchi, Riccardo Turchetto WAI-1
444 Phase Automata: A Programming Model of Locomotion Gaits for Scalable Chain-type Modular Robots Ying Zhang, Mark Yim, Craig Eldershaw, Dave Duff, Kimon Roufas WPIII-5
447 Tracking Road Edges in the Panospheric Image Plane Peter Corke, Dimitris Symeonidis, Kane Usher WAI-1
448 Color Snakes for Dynamic Lighting Conditions on Mobile Manipulation Platforms Christopher Smith, Hanspeter Schaub TPIII-7
449 Human Robot Interaction and Usability Studies for a Smart Wheelchair Sarangi Parikh, Rahul Rao, Sang-Hack Jung, Vijay Kumar, Camillo Taylor RPI-5
450 Realization of Realistic and Rich Facial Expressions by Face Robot  Hiroshi Kobayashi, Yoshiro Ichikawa, Masaru Senda, Taichi Shiiba TPIII-3
452 Development on Muscle Suit for Upper Body Hiroshi Kobayashi, Akitaka Uchimura, Taichi Shiiba RPIII-2
453 Experiments in Free-Space Triangulation Using Cooperative Localization Ioannis Rekleitis, Gregory Dudek, Evangelos Milios WAII-6
454 A Tale of Two Helicopters Srikanth Saripalli, Jonathan Roberts, Peter Corke, Gregg Buskey, Gaurav Sukhatme TPII-1
455 Toward Ubiquitous Intelligent Robotics Kiyoshi Kogure, Norihiro Hagita, Yasuyuki Sumi, Noriaki Kuwahara, Hiroshi Ishiguro WPI-1
456 Feedback Strategies for Shared Control in Dexterous Telemanipulation Weston Griffin, William Provancher, Mark Cutkosky RAII-1
458 Adaptive DOB Control of Underwater Robots Side Zhao, Junku Yuh TPI-2
459 Learning to Select Primitives and Generate Sub-Goals From Practice Darrin Bentivegna, Chrisopher Atkeson, Gordon Cheng TPII-5
460 Closing Multiple Loops while Mapping Features in Cyclic Environments Haris Baltzakis, Panos Trahanias TPI-6
463 A Novel Omni-directional Perturbation Platform Thomas Sugar, Zheng Wang, Kevin Hollander, Thomas Sugar RPI-2
468 Real-time detection of moving objects in a dynamic scene from moving robotic vehicles  Ashit Talukder, Steve Goldberg, Larry Matthies, Adnan Ansar WAI-1
469 Automation of an Underground Mining Vehicleusing Reactive Navigation and Opportunistic Localization. Elliot Duff, Elliot Duff, Jonathan Roberts, Peter Corke RPIII-6
471 Incremental Purposive Behavior Acquisition based on Self-Interpretation of Instructions by Coach Yasutake Takahashi, Koichi Hikita, Minoru Asada TPI-5
472 A colony of robots using vision sensing and evolved neural controllers Andrew Nelson, Edward Grant, Greg Barlow, Thomas Henderson WPII-6
473 Real-time Self-localization Method in a Dynamically Changing Environment Takeshi Matsuoka, Takeshi Matsuoka, Akira Motomura, Tsutomu Hasegawa TPIII-6
474 Synthesizing any Specified Elastic Behavior with a Hybrid Connection of Simple Compliances Rodney Roberts, Theresa Shirey RPI-7
475 Mechanical System of a Small Biped Entertainment Robot Tatsuzo Ishida, Yoshihiro Kuroki, Jin'ichi Yamaguchi TPIII-3
476 Representing a 3-D Environment with a 2 1/2-D Map Structure Edward Fong, William Adams, Frederick Crabbe, Alan Schultz RAII-6
477 Cooperation among an intelligent environment and mobile agents by media agents Daisuke Kurabayashi, Takenori Matsuoka, Akira Yajima WAII-5
479 Control Strategies for Robotic Yo-Yo Leon Zlajpah, Bojan Nemec TPI-7
480 Kinematic Synthesis of Parallel Manipulators Guanfeng Liu, Jian Meng, Jijie Xu, Zexiang Li WPII-1
481 Interactive Learning in Human-Robot Collaboration Tetsuya Ogata, Shigeki Sugano, Jun Tani TAI-5
482 Image Space Path Planning in Consideration of Mechanical Constraints for Image-Based Visual Servoing Jae Seok Park, Myung Jin Chung TPI-7
483 Particle Attraction Localisation Damien George, Damien George, Nick Barnes TPIII-6
484 Surface Partitioning in Automated CAD-Guided Tool Planning for Additive Manufacturing Weihua Sheng, Ning Xi, Heping Chen, Mumin Song, Yifan Chen WPI-7
486 C^2 Continuous Gait-Pattern Generation for Biped Robots Shunsuke Kudoh, Taku Komura TPIII-3
488 Robust Sound Source Localization Using a Microphone Array on a Mobile Robot Jean-Marc Valin, Emmanuel Piat, Jean Rouat, Dominic L?ourneau TPIII-6
489 Intelligent Robotic Wheelchair with EMG-, Gesture-, and Voice-based Interfaces  Inhyuk Moon, Myung-Jun Lee, Jei-Cheong Ryu, Kyung-Hoon Kim, Mu-Seong Mun RPII-5
491 Effects of Robot Assisted Activity to Elderly People who Stay at a Health Service Facility for the Aged Kazuyoshi Wada, Takanori Shibata, Tomoko Saito, Kazuo Tanie RAII-2
494 Analysis and Control of Whole Body Dynamic Humanoid Motion -- Experiments on a Roll-and-Rise Motion Koji Terada, Yoshiyuki Ohmura, Yasuo Kuniyoshi WAI-3
496 Towards Automatic Transfer of Human Skills for Robotic Assembly Wyatt Newman, Craig Birkhimer, Ravi Hebbar WPIII-7
497 A topological coverage algorithm for mobile robots Sylvia Wong, Bruce MacDonald WAII-4
501 Sensorless Planning for Medical Needle Insertion Procedures Ron Alterovitz, Jean Pouliot, Richard Taschereau, I-Chow Hsu, Ken Goldberg RPII-2
503 Consecutive Scanning based Obstacle Detection and Probabilistic Navigation Sooyong Lee, Jae-Yong Lee RPII-6
504 Application of Robots Using Pneumatic Artificial Rubber Muscles for Operating Construction Machines  Kenji Kawashima, Naohiro Nakamura, Toshiyuki Miyata, Toshiharu Kagawa RPII-3
506 The Global Path Re-Planner for a Mobile Manipulator Sooyong Lee, Gautam Gupta WAI-3
508 Supply Chain Planning over Product Lifecycles Roshan Gaonkar, N. Viswanadham WPII-7
509 Multiple Target Tracking using Sequential Monte Carlo Methods and Statistical Data Association Oliver Frank, Juan Nieto, Jose Guivant, Steven Scheding RAI-6
510 Dynamic Feature Point Detection for Visual Servoing using Multiresolution Critical-Point Filters Bradley Chambers, Nicholas Gans, Jerome Durand, Seth Hutchinson TAII-7
511 Passive Walking of Biped Emu with Attitude Control of Body Tetsuya Kinugasa, Yoshinori Hashimoto, Hideaki Fushimi TAII-3
516 Position control of a surgical robot by a navigation system Peter Knappe, Sebastian Pieck, Ingo Gross, Juergen Wahrburg, Fridun Kerschbaumer RPII-2
519 Impedance Identification of Human FIngers using Virtual Task Environment Yuki Ichinoo, Tsuneo Yoshikawa RPI-2
520 An Improved Quaternion-Based Kalman Filter for Real-Time Tracking of Rigid Body Orientation Xiaoping Yun, Mariano Lizarraga, Eric Bachmann, Robert McGhee TPIII-1
521 Coordination and Control of Multiarm, Non-Holonomic Mobile Manipulators alessio turetta, giuseppe casalino WPII-4
522 Sensor Network-based Multi-Robot Task Allocation Maxim Batalin, Maxim Batalin, Gaurav Sukhatme WPI-4
524 Development of an Underwater Robot, ODIN-III Hyun-Taek Choi, Aaron Hanai, Song Choi, Junku Yuh TPII-2
528 Wheeled Blimp  Sungchul Kang, Mihee Nam , Tsubouchi Takashi , Yuta Shinichi RPII-7
529 ROBHAZ-DT2  Sungchul  Kang, Changhyun Cho, Changwoo Park, Dongseok Ryu, Munsang Kim RAI-3
530 The Coordination of Multiple UAVs for Engaging Multiple Targets in a Time-Optimal Manner Tomonari Furukawa, Hugh Durrant-Whyte, Gamini Dissanayake, Salah Sukkarieh TAI-2
532 An Adaptive Gait for Quadruped Robots to Walk on a Slope Atsushi Konno, Katsuhisa Ogasawara, Yoonkwon Hwang, Eiichi Inohira, Masaru Uchiyama TPI-3
533 Task Driven Dynamic QoS based Bandwidth Allocation for Real-time Teleoperation via the Internet Wai-keung Fung, Ning Xi, Wang-tai Lo, BoonHeon Song, Yu Sun, Yun-hui Liu and Imad H. Elhajj TPIII-2
534 Hierarchical Control Method for Manipulating/Grasping Tasks Kazuto Imazeki, Takashi Maeno RPIII-4
535 A New Method of Tactile Sensing Using Fingertip with Soft Skin Kouji Murakami, Tsutomu Hasegawa TPI-1
536 Development of an Ultrasonic Clutch for Multi-Fingered Exoskeleton Haptic Device using Passive Force Feedback for Dexterous Teleoperation Tatsuya Koyama, Kenjiro Takemura, Takashi Maeno WPII-5
537 Distributed Mobile Robot Application Infrastructure Bruce MacDonald, Evan Woo WAI-5
538 Sensing Texture of Surfaces by Anthropomorphic Soft Fingertips with Multi-Modal Sensors Yasunori Tada, Yusuke Yamasaki, Koh Hosoda, Minoru Asada TAI-1
539 Designing Comprehensive Probabilistic State Estimatorsfor Robot Soccer Thorsten Schmitt, Thorsten Schmitt, Michael Beetz RPIII-7
542 A Calibration Method of Human Arm or Leg for Dynamic Animation and Haptic Rendering Takeshi Ohtsuki, Ritsu Shikata, Hiroshi Noborio RPIII-5
543 Impedance Matching in Capturing a Satellite by a Space Robot Kazuya Yoshida, Hiroki Nakanishi RPI-1
547 Layout optimization of manufacturing cells and allocation optimization of transport robots in self-organizing manufacturing systems using particle swarm optimization Yasuhiro Yamada, Kazuhiro Ookoudo, Yoshiaki Komura WPI-7
550 Closed-Form Solutions for the Forward Kinematics of a 4-DOFs Parallel Robot H4 Hee-Byoung Choi, Hee-Byoung Choi, Atsushi Konno, Masaru Uchiyama RPII-1
552 Mobile Robot Navigation based on Expected State Value under Uncertainty of Self-localization Ryuichi Ueda, Tamio Arai, Kazunori Asanuma, Shogo Kamiya, Toshifumi Kikuchi TAII-6
553 Reconfiguration Planning for Heterogeneous Self-Reconfiguring Robots Robert Fitch, Zack Butler, Daniela Rus WPIII-5
556 Distributed Task Negotiation in Self-Reconfigurable Robots Behnam Salemi, Wei-Min Shen, Peter Will WPIII-5
557 Flexible Robotic Assembly Efforts at Ford Motor Company  David Gravel, David Gravel WPIII-7
559 Test Arenas and Performance Metrics for Urban Search and Rescue Robots Adam Jacoff, Elena Messina, Brian Weiss, Satoshi Tadokoro, Yuki Nakagawa RPII-3
561 Range Synthesis for 3D Environment Modeling Luz Abril Torres-Mendez, Gregory Dudek WAII-1
565 A Practial, Decision-theoretic Approach to Multi-robot Map and Exploration Dieter Fox, Jonathan Ko, Benjamin Stewart, Kurt Konolige, Benson Limketkai RPI-6
567 Design of Quadruped Walking and Climbing Robot Taehun Kang, Taeyoung Son, Hyungsuk Kim, Hyoukryeol Choi TPI-3
568 On-Line Optical Flow Feedback for Mobile Robot Localization/Navigation Sooyong Lee, David Sorenson, Volker Smukala, Mark Ovinis TPIII-6
569 Evolving a Locus Based Gait for a Humanoid Robot Gordon Wyeth, Damien Kee, Tak Fai Yik WAII-3
570 Locomotion Control of a Biped Locomotion Robot using Nonlinear Oscillators Kazuo Tsuchiya, Shinya Aoi, Katsuyoshi Tsujita WAII-5
573 Wide field of view Catadioptrical head-mounted display Hajime Nagahara, Yasushi Yagi, Masahiko Yachida RPIII-5
575 Walking Principle Analysis for Biped Robot with ZMP Concept, Friction Constraint, and Inverted Pendulum Model Chi Zhu, Atsuo Kawamura TAII-3
576 Combining peripheral and foveal humanoid vision to detect, pursue, recognize and act Ales Ude, Christopher G. Atkeson, Gordon Cheng WPII-3
581 A fixed time step approach for multi-body  Mihai Anitescu RPIII-5
582 Towards Understanding of Human Movements Constrained by the External Environment Mikhail Svinin, Mikhail Svinin, Ken Ohta, Zhi-Wei Luo, Shigeyuki Hosoe TAI-5
583 Semi-Automated Micro Assembly for Rapid Prototyping of a One DOF Surgical Wrist Ranjana Sahai, Jusuk Lee, Ronald Fearing WPI-2
585 Whole Body Cooperative Tasks and Evaluations of Static Stability for a Humanoid Robot Yoonkwon Hwang, Atsushi Konno, Masaru Uchiyama WPI-3
586 Task Description Language for Underwater Robots Tae Won Kim, Junku Yuh TPI-2
588 Intention Aware Interactive Multi-Modal Robot Programming Soshi Iba, Chris Paredis, Pradeep Khosla RPII-5
589 How to Grasp Micro Transparent Object with Integrated Vision  Kenichi Ohara, Kohtaro Ohba, Makoto Mizukawa, Tamio Tanikawa WPI-2
591 Reinforcement Learning on a Omnidirectional Mobile Robot Roland Hafner, Martin Riedmiller TAII-5
595 On-line and Hierarchical Design Methods of Dynamics Based Information Processing System Masafumi OKADA, Masafumi OKADA, Daisuke NAKAMURA, Yoshihiko NAKAMURA TPII-5
596 Robotic Architecture Standards Framework in the Defense Domain with Illustrations Using the NIST 4D/RCS Reference Architecture Hui-Min Huang, James Albus, Jeffery Kotora, Roger Liu WPIII-4
598 A Precise Impulse Generation Method under Penetration\ between Rigid Bodies for Haptics Rendering Takeshi Kosaka, Toshiko Iguchi, Hiroshi Noborio RAI-5
599 Motion Creating System for A Small Biped Entertainment Robot Yoshihiro Kuroki, Tatsuo Mikami, Atsushi Miyamoto, Bill Blank, Marc Raibert WAI-3
600 Multi-Slider Linkage Mechanism for Endoscopic Forceps Manipulator Hiromasa YAMASHITA, Daeyoung KIM, Nobuhiko HATA, Takeyoshi DOHI RAI-2
601 Accuracy Improvement of Shadow Range Finder Yasuharu Kunii, Taeko Gotoh, Shuntaro Tsuji RPI-1
602 Design of Joint Spring for Dynamic Preshaping Mitsuru Higashimori, Makoto Kaneko WPII-1
603 Constructing a 3-D Map of Rubble by Teleoperated Mobile Robots with a Motion Canceling Camera System Yasuyoshi Yokokohji, Yasuyoshi Yokokohji, Masamitsu Kurisu, Takao Saida, Yosuke Kudo RPI-3
604 Human-Robot Cooperation Strategy for Interactive Robot Soccer by Fuzzy Q-Learning Dong-Soo Kwon, Hyoung-Rock Kim, Jung-Hoon Hwang RPIII-3
605 Multi-objective Optimal Robot Path Planning in Manufacturing Heping Chen, Ning Xi, Yifan Chen TPIII-4
606 Nanometer Positioning Robotic Stage (NPRS) Wasim Haskiya, David Kennedy WPII-2
609 Flexible Microassembly System based on Hybrid Manipulation Scheme Byungkyu Kim, Hyunjae Kang, Deok-Ho Kim, Ho-Dong Lee, Byungkyu Kim WPI-7
610 Development of Robotic Kitchen Counter Hiroshi MORISHITA, Keisuke WATANABE, Takeru KUROIWA, Taketoshi MORI, Tomomasa SATO WPI-1
612 Optimal pose selection for vision-based kinematic calibration of parallel mechanisms Pierre Renaud, Nicolas Andreff, Grigore Gogu, Michel Dhome WPII-4
614 Behavior Generation of Bipedal Robot Using Central Pattern Generator(CPG) 1st Report Hironobu Inada, Kazuo Ishii WPII-3
616 In vitro Study Using Cadavers For Evaluation of a Bone-Mountable Surgical Robot System Dong-Soo Kwon, Seong-Young Ko, Jonathan Kim RPII-2
618 A mobile hyper redundant mechanism for search and rescue tasks Alon Wolf, Howie Choset RAII-3
619 Distributed Manipulation with Stick-Slip Contact Mark Bedillion, William Messner TPII-3
622 Handling of Objects with Marks by a Robot Rie Katsuki, Jun Ota, Yusuke Tamura, Tamio Arai, Tsuyoshi Ueyama TAI-4
623 Indoor Target Intercept Using an Acoustic Sensor Network and Dual Wavefront Path Planning Lynne Parker, Ben Birch, Chris Reardon TAII-1
625 Realization of Stable Dynamic Walking by a Parallel Bipedal Locomotor on Uneven Terrain Using a Virtual Compliance Control Yusuke Sugahara, Takuya Hosobata, Yutaka Mikuriya, Hun-ok Lim, Atsuo Takanishi TPI-3
627 Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance performed by an Autonomous Vehicle throughout a Smooth Trajectory using an Electronic Stick Eliana Prado Lopes Aude, Ernesto Prado Lopes, Julio Tadeu Carvalho da Silveira, Luis Felipe Saldanha de Menezes, Flavio Signorelli Mendes TPII-4
628 Rescue Robot under Disaster Situation Seiji Miyama, Michita Imai, Yuichiro Anzai RPI-3
631 Grasping the Dice by Dicing the Grasp Christoph Borst, Max Fischer, Gerd Hirzinger RPIII-4
632 ROCI Luiz Chaimowicz, Anthony Cowley, Vito Sabella, Camilo Taylor TAII-1
633 Visual Servoing of a UGV from a UAV using Differential Flatness Rahul  Rao, Vijay Kumar, Camillo Taylor TPI-7
634 Identification of threaded fastening parameters using the Newton Raphson Method. Mongkorn  Klingajay, Mongkorn Klingajay, Lakmal Seneviratne, Kaspar Althoefer,  WPI-7
636 Time Domain Passivity Control with Reference Energy Behavior Jee-Hwan Ryu, Blake Hannaford, Carsten Preusche, Gerd Hirzinger RAII-5
637 Hopping through Stiffness Modulation Sanghak Sung, Yougil Youm, Wankyun Chung TAI-3
638 Appearance-Based Minimalistic Metric SLAM Maria Gini, Paul Rybski, Stergios Roumeliotis, Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos TAI-6
643 Perspectives on Standardization in Mobile Robot Programming  Nicholas  Roy, Michael Montemerlo, Sebastian Thrun WPIII-4
644 Performance Characterisation of a Feature-Based Gaussian Pose Tracker for Mobile Robots in Indoor Environments David Austin, David Austin, Yasushi Hada WAI-6
645 Further Results on Control of the Compass Gait Biped Mark Spong, Gagandeep Bhatia WPI-3
646 Advanced Sonar and Odometry Error Modeling for Simultaneous Localisation and Map Building Lindsay Kleeman TPI-6
647 Experiments & Analysis of the Role of Solar Power in Limiting Mars Rover Range David Miller, Tim Hunt, Matt Roman TAII-2
648 Closed-Loop Navigation for Mobile Agents in Dynamic Environments Savvas Loizou, Herbert Ttanner, Vijay Kumar, Kostas Kyriakopoulos RPIII-6
651 Vision-based Navigation from Wheels to Wings Jean-Christophe Zufferey, Jean-Christophe Zufferey, Antoine Beyeler, Dario Floreano RAII-6
652 Grasp Recognition using a 3D Articulated Model and Infrared Images Koichi Ogawara, Kentaro Hashimoto, Jun Takamatsu, Katsushi Ikeuchi WAII-1
656 Tracking Control of a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot by Integrating Feedback and Neural Dynamics Techniques Simon Yang, Haowen Yang, Simon X. Yang, Gauri S. Mittal RPII-7
657 Design of Differentially Flat Planar Space Robots Sunil Agrawal, Jaume Franch, So-ryeok Oh, Abbas Fattah RPI-1
658 Development of Wearable Exoskeleton Power Assist System Keitaro Naruse, Satoshi Kawai, Hiroshi Yokoi, Yukirori Kakazu RPIII-2
659 A Directional Deflection Sensor Beam for Very Small Force/Torque Measurement KOYU ABE, YUSUKE TANIDA, ATSUSHI KONNO, MASARU UCHIYAMA TPIII-1
660 Proposal for Automation of Humanitarian Demining with Buggy Robots Paulo Debenest, Edwardo Fukushima, Shigeo Hirose TAII-2
661 A Novel Pointing Device Utilizing the Deformation of the Fingertip Yuichi Kurita, Atsutoshi Ikeda, Jun Ueda, Tsukasa Ogasawara TAI-1
662 Planning a Path for Finding Targets under Spatial Uncertainties using a Weighted Voronoi Graph and Visibility Measure Masahiro Tomono TAI-4
663 ACAPELLA-5K, A High-Throughput Automated Genome and Chemical Analysis System Deirdre Meldrum, Charles Fisher, Matthew Moore, Mohan Saini, Mark Holl WPII-7
664 Study on Brachiation Controller for the Multi-locomotion Robot Hideki Kajima, Yasuhisa Hasegawa, Toshio Fukuda WAI-3
665 Stability of Limit Cycle in Passive Walking Yoshito Ikemata, Akihito Sano, Hideo Fujimoto TPI-3
666 Resolved Momentum Control Shuuji Kajita, Fumio Kanehiro, Kenji Kaneko, Kiyoshi Fujiwara, Kensuke Harada WAII-3
667 Development of a New Human-like Talking Robot Having Advanced Vocal Tract Mechanisms Kazufumi Nishikawa, Hideaki Takanobu, Takemi Mochida, Masaaki Honda, Atsuo Takanishi WPI-3
668 Modeling and Analysis of Elastic Tongue Mechanism of Talking Robot for Acoustic Simulation Kazufumi Nishikawa, Hideaki Takanobu, Takemi Mochida, Masaaki Honda, Atsuo Takanishi WPII-1
671 Building Better Swarms Through Competition Dan Stormont, Asti Bhatt, Brandon Boldt, Scott Skousen, Matthew Berkemeier RAII-3
672 Multi-sensor Referenced Gait Control of a Miniature Climbing Robot Jizhong Xiao, Ning Xi, Jun Xiao, Jindong Tan RPIII-3
674 Microgravity Hopping Robot with Controlled Hopping and Landing Capability Shingo Shimoda, Andreas Wingert, Kei Takahashi, Takashi Kubota, Ichiro Nakatani RAI-1
675 Analysis of Multirobot Localization Uncertainty Propagation Stergios Roumeliotis, Ioannis Rekleitis WAII-6
676 Object Posture Recognition for Remote Book Browsing Robot System Tetsuo Tomizawa, Akihisa Ohya, Shin'ichi Yuta RPI-5
677 Primary Vowel Imitation between Agents with Different Articulation Parameters by Parrotry like Teaching Yuichiro Yoshikawa, Junpei Koga, Minoru Asada, Koh Hosoda TAI-5
678 Intra-Vehicular Free-Flyer System Yuichi Tsumaki, Mami Yokohama, Dragomir Nenchev RAI-1
679 Visual Sonar Scott Lenser, Manuela Veloso TPII-4
682 Control of Mobile Robots using RBF Network Changmok Oh, Min-Soeng Kim, Joon-Yong Lee, Ju-Jang Lee RPII-7
683 Simultaneous Path Planning and Exploration for Manipulators with Eye and Skin Sensors Marta Fernandez, Kamal Gupta, Juan Carlos Fraile TPII-4
684 An Application of SMC Theory for Experimental Learning Control of Robotic Manipulators Ugur Yildiran, Ugur Yildiran, Okyay Kaynak TPI-5
685 Heterogeneous Mobile Sensor Net Deployment Using Robot Herding and Line-of-Sight Formations Lynne Parker, Balajee Kannan, Xiaoquan Fu, Yifan Tang WPIII-6
686 Using Multiple SLAM Algorithms Simon Julier, Jeffrey Uhlmann TAI-6
687 Control Multiple Mobile Robots for Object Caging and Manipulation Zhidong WANG, Yasuhisa HIRATA, Kazuhiro KOSUGE WAII-6
688 Mobile Manipulation of Humanoid Robots -Control Method for Accurate Manipulation- Kenji Inoue, Yusuke Nishihama, Tatsuo Arai, Yasushi Mae WPI-3
692 Driving Principles of Mobile Microrobots for the Micro- and Nanohandling Sergej Fatikow, Axel Kortschack, Olaf H?ssler, Christoph Rass WPI-2
694 Recursive Agent Modeling with Probabilistic Velocity Obstacles for Mobile Robot Navigation among Humans Boris Kluge TAII-4
695 Task Modeling and Specification for Modular Sensory Based Human-Machine Cooperative Systems Danica  Kragic, Gregory Hager RPI-5
696 A Three-Wheel Vehicle with Expanding Wheels Sunil Kumar Agrawal, Jin Yan WAI-3
697 Rejection of sliding effects in car like robot control: Application to farm vehicle guidance using a single RTK GPS sensor Roland Lenain, Benoit Thuilot, Christophe Cariou, Philippe Martinet RPIII-7
698 A Real-time World Model for Multi-Robot Teams with High-Latency Communication Maayan Roth, Douglas Vail, Manuela Veloso WPIII-6
699 Design of a Prototype Miniature Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Daniel Stilwell, Aditya Gadre, Jared Mach, Carl Wick TPII-2
701 A Reactive Robot Architecture with Planning on Demand Ananth Ranganathan, Sven Koenig WAI-5
703 A Bounded Uncertainty Approach to Multi-Robot Localization John Spletzer, John Spletzer, Camillo J. Taylor TPIII-6
705 Humanoid Arm Motion Planning using Stereo Vision and RRT Search Satoshi KAGAMI, James Kuffner, Koichi NISHIWAKI, Kei OKADA, Masayuki INABA WPII-3
706 PDA interface for a field robot Carl Lundberg RAII-3
707 Spiking Neural Building Block Robot with Hebbian Learning Henrik Hautop Lund, Jacob Nielsen WAI-2
708 A Robust Generalized Voronoi Graph Based SLAM for Hyper Symmetric Environment Nakju Doh, Wan Kyun Chung, SungOn Lee, SangRok Oh, BumJae You TAI-6
709 An Intelligent Support System for Teaching a 3 or More Degrees-of-Freedom Robotic Manipulator Hiroshi Noborio, Seigo Naito, Takeshi Otsuki RPI-5
710 Skill-Assist Hitoshi Konosu, Yoji Yamada WPIII-7
711 Good Features to Map Stephan ten Hagen WAI-6
712 Using EM to Detect Motion From Autonomous Mobile Robots Bjorn Jensen, Bjorn Jensen, Roland Siegwart WAI-6
713 An Aerial Robot Prototype for Situational Awareness in Closed Quarters William Green, Paul Oh TAI-2
715 Autonomous Behavior Control Architecture of Entertainment Humanoid Robot SDR-4X Masahiro Fujita, Yoshihiro Kuroki, Tatsuzo Ishida, Tosh, T. Doi TPII-5
717 Applying Scattering Theory to Robot Audition System Kazuhiro Nakadai, Daisuke Matsuura, Hiroshi G. Okuno, Hiroaki Kitano TPIII-3
718 Towards Stealthy Behaviors Emil Birgersson, Andrew Howard, Gaurav Sukhatme WAII-4
721 Development of a Hyper Dynamic Manipulator Utilizing Joint Stops Aiguo MING, Nozomu HARADA, Makoto SHIMOJO, Makoto KAJITANI WPII-1
722 Motion planning with narrow C-space passages Craig Eldershaw, Mark Yim, Ying Zhang, Kimon Roufas, Dave Duff WAII-2
723 Recognizing Cylindrical Surface Using Impedance Perception Ryo Kikuuwe, Tsuneo Yoshikawa TAI-1
724 Adaptive Audio Servo for Multirate Robot Systems Makoto Kumon, Takahiro Sugawara, Katuhiro Miike, Ikuro Mizumoto, Zenta Iwai TAI-5
725 Speech Enhancement and Recognition Using Circular Microphone Array For Service Robots Changkyu Choi, Changkyu Choi, Donggeon Kong, Jaywoo Kim, Seokwon Bang RPII-6
727 Multiple Query Probabilistic Roadmap Planning using Single Query Planning Primitives Kostas Bekris, Brian Chen, Andrew Ladd, Erion Plaku, Lydia Kavraki TPI-4
730 Asymptotic Stable Guidance Control of PWS Mobile Manipulator and Influence of Slipping Carrying Object Takeshi Ikeda, Mamoru Minami WPII-4
734 Design of novel haptic mouse and its applications Dong-Soo Kwon, Heejin Choi, Mun-Sang Kim WPII-5
735 Fundamental Studies of Nanoscale Sensing and Actuation Based on Nanomanipulation and Assembly Min-Feng Yu WPIII-1
738 Actuation of a Thumb Prosthesis using Remaining Natural Fingers Joseph Anand Vaz, Shinichi Hirai WPI-5
740 Modeling of Human Walking Trajectories for Surveillance Ka Keung Lee, Maolin Yu, Yangsheng Xu WAI-7
741 TriM Farshad Khorrami, Prashanth Krishnamurthy, Farshad Khorrami RPII-1
742 Ultra-Low-Power and High-Frequency-Response Carbon Nanotube Based MEMS Thermal Sensors Carmen Fung, Wen Li WPIII-1
745 Wing Force Map Characterization and Simulation for the Micromechanical Flying Insect Joseph Yan, Ronald Fearing WAI-2
752 A Hardwired Polymorphic Neuralnetwork for a CPU-less Autonomous Mobile Robot Seiji Tokura, Akio Ishiguro TPIII-5
754 Micromanipulation tasks using passive levitated force sensing manipulator Mehdi Boukallel, Emmanuel Piat, Jo? Abadie TPI-1
757 Passive diamagnetic levitation Mehdi Boukallel, Jo? Abadie, Emmanuel Piat TPIII-1
759 Coordinated Decentralized Search of a Lost Target in a Bayesian World Frederic Bourgault, Tomonari Furukawa, Hugh Durrant-Whyte TAI-2
760 Method for Displaying Partial Slip used for Virtual Grasp Masayuki Mori, Takashi Maeno, Yoji Yamada RPI-2
764 Visual Self-Localization for Indoor Mobile Robots using Natural Lines Bum-Jae You, Nguyen Xuan Dao, Bum-Jae You, Sang-Rok Oh, Myung Hwangbo TPIII-6
765 Joint Attention Emerges through Bootstrap Learning Yukie Nagai, Koh Hosoda, Minoru Asada TAI-5
766 Synchronized Laser Micromanipulation of Microtools Fumihito Arai, Toshihiro Sakami, Keiichi Yoshikawa, Toshio Fukuda WPII-2
767 Benthic boundary tracking using a profiler sonar Maria-Joao Rendas, Christian Barat TPII-2
768 Development of a Home Service Robot ISSAC Bum-Jae You, Myung Hwangbo, Sung-On Lee, Sang-Rok Oh RAI-3
770 Environmental Modeling with Fingerprint Sequences for Topological Global Localization Pierre Lamon, Adriana Tapus, Etienne Glauser, Nicola Tomatis, Roland Siegwart RPIII-6
771 Human Behavior Logging Support System utilizing Pose/Position Sensors and Behavior Target Sensors Satoru Itoh, Tomomasa Sato, Emmanuel Piat, Tatsuya Harada, Taketoshi Mori TPIII-1
772 Exploiting Group Symmetries to Improve Precision in Kinodynamic and Nonholonomic Planning Peng Cheng, Emilio Frazzoli, Steven LaValle TPI-4
773 Flat-distributed network architecture (FDNet) for rescue robots Yosihisa Koji, Alain Pujol, Satoshi Tadokoro, Kenichi Tokuda, Takafumi Toda WPIII-3
774 Robot Assistive Device for Augmenting Standing-Up in Impaired People Roman Kamnik, Tadej Bajd RPIII-2
775 Hybrid force/velocity control of industrial manipulators Francesco Jatta, Giovanni Legnani, Antonio Visioli RPI-7
776 Roadmap for Mobile Robot Specifications Myron Hattig, Ian Horswill, Jim Butler WPIII-4
777 Application of Robotic Mechanisms to Simulation of the International Space Station Juergen Rossmann, Eckhard Freund, Craig Turner RPI-1
780 Time Domain Passivity Control for 6 Degrees of Freedom Haptic Displays Carsten Preusche, Gerd Hirzinger, Jee-Hwan Ryu, Blake Hannaford RAII-5
781 Learning Reactive Neurocontrollers using Simulated Annealing for Mobile Robots Philippe Lucidarme, Alain Li?eois TPI-5
782 Creating Gas Concentration Gridmaps with a Mobile Robot Achim Lilienthal, Tom Duckett TAI-4
783 Expected perception Edoardo Datteri, Giancarlo Teti, Cecilia Laschi, Guglielmo Tamburrini, Eugenio Guglielmelli TPII-5
784 Landmark recognition for localisation and navigation of aerial vehicles Andrew Shaw, David Barnes TAI-2
785 Object Recognition and Pose Estimation for Robotic Manipulation using Cooccurrence Color Histograms Frank Hoffmann, Staffan Ekvall, Danica Kragic TPIII-7
786 Body Deformable Motion Planning for Metamorphic Robot Hiroyuki Nakai, Masayuki Inaba, Hirochika Inoue WAI-3
789 Human-like Motion of a Humanoid Robot Arm Based on a Closed-Form Solution of the Inverse Kinematics Problem Tamim Asfour WAI-3
792 An Active Artificial Whisker Array for Texture Discrimination Miriam Fend, Simon Bovet, Hiroshi Yokoi, Rolf Pfeifer