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IEEE/RSJ IROS 2003 - Workshops and Tutorials

The 2003 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems will be held in Las Vegas, October 27-31, 2003. Here is the information on the tutorials and workshops to be organized at IROS 2003.

IROS 2003 Tutorials

TM1 (full day): Exploring and Programming Modular Reconfigurable Robotics
Organizers: Mark Yim, Ying Zhang, et al.
Web page: http://www.parc.com/cms/get_article.php?id=200

TF1 (half day): Interactive Emotional Robot
Organizer: Ju-Jang Lee
Web page: http://iliad.kaist.ac.kr/iros03/

TF2 (half day, PM): Realistic Simulation and Real Mobile Robots
Organizers: Olivier Michel, Olivier Carmona
Web page: http://cyberboticspc1.epfl.ch/IROS2003_tutorial.html

TF3 (half day, AM): Dynamical Systems for Biologically-inspired Robotic Motor Control
Organizers: Auke Ijspeert, Stefan Schaal, Jun Nakanishi
Web page: http://lslwww.epfl.ch/birg/iros2003_tf3

IROS 2003 Workshops

WM1 (full day): Microrobotics for Biomanipulation
Organizers: Brad Nelson, Jean-Marc Breguet, Yu Sun
Web page: http://www.iris.mavt.ethz.ch

WM2 (full day): Bilateral Paradigms of Human and Humanoid
Organizers: Yoshihiko Nakamura, Jessica Hodgins
Web page: http://www.ynl.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/iros2003ws

WM3 (half day, AM): Robotics in Emergency Response
Organizers: Vijay Kumar, Daniela Rus, Sanjiv Singh
Web page: http://www.frc.ri.cmu.edu/projects/emergencyresponse/IROS03workshop.html

WM4 (half day, PM): Robotics for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Organizer: Ming Lin
Web page: http://gamma.cs.unc.edu/IROS_RNN03

WF1 (full day): Reality-Based Modeling of Tissues for Simulation and Robot-Assisted Surgery
Organizers: Allison Okamura, Jaydev Desai
Web page: http://www.haptics.me.jhu.edu/IROS2003_Workshop/

WF2 (full day): Control and Cooperation of Intelligent Miniature Robots
Organizers: Jizhong Xiao, R. Lal Tummala
Web page: http://www-ee.ccny.cuny.edu/iros

WF3 (full day): Sensing and Manipulation of Micro and Nano Entities: Science, Engineering, and Applications
Organizers: Wen Li, Metin Sitti, Ning Xi
Web page: http://www.acae.cuhk.edu.hk/~wen/iros2003-workshop.htm

WF4 (half day, PM): Robot Programming through Demonstration
Organizers: Aude Billard, Roland Siegwart
Web page: http://asl.epfl.ch/events/iros03Workshop/index.php

WF5 (half day, PM): Learning and Evolution in Multiagent Systems
Organizers: Minoru Asada, Majid Ahmadabadi, Yasutake Takahashi, and Babak
Web page: http://eng.ut.ac.ir/IROS2003/Workshops/LEMAS/

Organizers of the tutorials and workshops should collect written course notes from all speakers and electronically submit the material to either one of the Workshops and Tutorials Co-Chairs no later than August 31, 2003. The written material for each workshop or tutorial should include a cover page and a table of contents (if there are multiple presenters), and the total number of pages should not exceed 300 for a full-day workshop/tutorial or 150 for a half-day workshop/tutorial.

IROS 2003 Workshops and Tutorials Co-Chairs:

Song K. Choi

Jing Xiao

Further informations in german can be found here!